More-flexible digital communication

Tue, Dec 02 2014

Communication protocols for digital devices are very efficient but also very brittle: They require information to be specified in a precise order with a precise number of bits. If sender and receiver -- say, a computer and a printer -- are off by even a single bit relative to each other, communication between them breaks down entirel...

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Twitter posts may shine a fresh light on mental illness trends

Mon, Dec 01 2014

Computers scientists are tracking tweets to gather important information about common mental illnesses. By reviewing tweets from users who publicly mentioned their diagnosis and by looking for language cues linked to certain disorders, the researchers say, they've been able to quickly and inexpensively collect new data on post-tr...

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Granger Causality test can make epilepsy surgery more effective

Sun, Nov 02 2014

A new statistical test that looks at the patterns of high-frequency network activity flow from brain signals can help doctors pinpoint the exact location of seizures occurring in the brain and make surgery more effective, according to researchers. ...

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