Weather history 'time machine' created

Sat, Nov 01 2014

A software program that allows climate researchers to access historical climate data for the entire global surface (excluding the poles) has been developed. This software include the oceans, and is based statistical research into historical climates. ...

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Gene that drives aggressive brain cancer found by new computational approach

Thu, Oct 02 2014

Using an innovative algorithm that analyzes gene regulatory and signaling networks, researchers have found that loss of a gene called KLHL9 is the driving force behind the most aggressive form of glioblastoma, the most common form of brain cancer. ...

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Falling asleep: Revealing the point of transition

Wed, Oct 01 2014

How can we tell when someone has fallen asleep? To answer this question, scientists have developed a new statistical method and behavioral task to track the dynamic process of falling asleep. ...

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