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The RSA - Recchia Statistical Analysis - is a statistical consulting company with experience in several areas such as: biostatistics and biometrics; econometrics; engineering; statistical quality control.

‚ÄčOffering you the professional solution for statistical problems of any kind as like: scientifical papers; master and PhD thesis; private classes; exercises resolution; clinical studies; scientifical publications.

The company offers the necessary support in all stages of your work/research.

The World of Statistics

Member of "The World of Statistics" global netwrok.


Here you will find scientific articles and general publications on statistics. Most of the surveys are international.

New method to address deep-seated biases in science

ter, out 02 2018

A new statistical method that tests for equivalence, rather than difference, has a role to play in dismantling gender and publication biases in science. The authors believe the technique has broad applicability across disciplines and can help remove publication bias against ''negative results,'' opening the door to a ...

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The big problem of small data: A new approach

seg, out 01 2018

You've heard of 'big data' but what about small? Researches have crafted a modern approach that could solve a decades-old problem in statistics. ...

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Science learns from its mistakes too

dom, set 02 2018

A mathematical model shows that even seemingly inconclusive studies speed up the gain in knowledge. ...

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The consulting and statistical analysis is very broad and encompasses several areas of knowledge, such as analysis and planning of clinical studies, graduate and graduate work, scientific work and psychometrics.

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