Here are some examples of the themes that we have investigated:

Psychology and Therapeutics

  • Perceived Stress Scale and work satisfaction;
  • Cool Down Index and job interruption;
  • Religiosity and Spirituality and health;
  • Personal believes and life quatity satisfaction.


  • Evaluations of weight regain after a bariatric surgery;
  • Diagnostic study: comparison of a new test with the gold standard (endocrinology);
  • Amnestic agent and oxygen desaturation;
  • Endoscopic papillotomy and its benefits.

Mechanical engineering

  • Tool life improvement using the best material determined after a statistical comparison;
  • Process cost reduction by the development of a mechanical tool using the six sigma statistical methodology;
  • Choose of the most accepted car component after a field study with future car buyers.

Food engineering

  • Sample size calculation for a comparison between the new product and the reference markt product;
  • Study with the product consumers for the identification of the significant differences between the new product and the reference product.

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