New tool expands tracking of personal data on the Web

qua, dez 02 2015

Researchers have developed a second-generation tool called 'Sunlight' that matches user-tailored ads and recommendations to tidbits of information supplied by users at a greater scale and level of accuracy than its predecessor, XRay. ...

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New tools help provide vital demographics, population statistics to policymakers

ter, dez 01 2015

Those looking for data and analytical reports often turn to the American Community Survey (ACS) from the US Census, which provides data such as unemployment, median household income, and housing prices for multi-year periods. Now, using sophisticated statistical methods, researchers have developed a system that improves ACS data, all...

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More students earning statistics degrees; Not enough to meet surging demand

seg, nov 02 2015

Statistics is one of the fastest-growing degrees in the US, but the growth may not be enough to satisfy the high demand for -- statisticians in technology, consumer products, health care, government, manufacturing and other areas of the economy, an analysis conducted by the American Statistical Association finds. Data recently releas...

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