Using big data to solve a moody issue

dom, nov 01 2015

A team of scientists received a National Science Foundation grant to use big data to develop a new approach they say will improve how mood disorders are classified. Their aim is to use big data to develop a novel methodology and visualization tools to cluster patients with mood disorders. ...

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Statistical advances help unlock mysteries of the human microbiome

sex, out 02 2015

Advances in the field of statistics are helping to unlock the mysteries of the human microbiome -- the vast collection of microorganisms living in and on the bodies of humans. ...

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Online breast cancer risk calculator developed

qui, out 01 2015

A biostatistician played a key role in the development of an online tool that combines both breast density and biopsy results to allow physicians to calculate a woman's breast cancer risk. It's the only risk assessment tool that includes BI-RADS breast density, which is used in clinical practice. ...

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