Making big data a little smaller

qua, nov 01 2017

Computer scientists have found that the Johnson-Lindenstrauss lemma, a 30-year-old theorem, is the best approach to pre-process large data into a manageably low dimension for algorithmic processing. ...

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Encrypting medical photos with chaos

seg, out 02 2017

Chaos and confusion could be used to encrypt color photos and protect them from prying eyes, according to computer scientists in Algeria. Writing in a new article, the team describes a new algorithm that generates pseudo-random sequences that change a plain image into a ciphered image in a single step leading to a file that cannot be...

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Next generation of statistical tools to be developed for the big data age

dom, out 01 2017

Statisticians are developing new ways to interpret the unprecedented amounts of data being generated continuously all around us. Whether it is smart phones packed full of sensors measuring your health, location and the weather, or connected cars driving past roadside monitors measuring traffic volumes or air quality, or even thousand...

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